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What's Coming Up In 2010!

Posted on February 1, 2010 at 8:30 AM

Wow, long time no blog huh!

Sorry about the wait, Christmas was especially busy for us, touring all the way from Devon to Inverness... crazy!! But, with the festive period over for yet another year, I can get back to boring you all with my monthly blogs!! Ha!

We really didn't expect to have such an amazing 1st year, performing at celebrity do's, glamorous weddings & an 8000 strong crowd all singing 'Rule The World' at the top of their lungs at the Worthing festival... which we are so lucky to be performing at yet again this year. But the response you have all given us has been incredible, so a massive thank you for all your support & encouragement through 2009.

We are currently looking at the show & thinking about giving it a bit of a spit & polish with new tracks, costumes & dance routines, so for all the people that have already seen our show... we hope to bring you a new TT experience in 2010.

Big events for 'The Greatest' this year are performances at the Splash FM Festival alongside the worlds number one MJ tribute - Navi, & the Plymouth Pavilions on the 11th of September with our live band & being supported by the UK's most popular RW tribute - Millennuim to name but a few. One things for sure, it's gonna be the most amazing year for 'The Greatest' Take That Tribute & hopefully, if you're in the crowd, you will walk out feeling the same way TT make you feel after a show. That's our goal.

So until next time guys & girls, we hope to see you real soon & don't forget to check our Gig Guide regularly to find out when & where we are on the road.

Lee (aka Gary) x

Stage Invaders - Of The Take That Tribute Kind!

Posted on November 30, 2009 at 9:15 AM

I just love a game of Stage Invaders I do!

Haha, well that was something 'The Greatest' Take That Tribute had to play at this weekend. I've always said, Take That's music does something to you & for the girls of Warrington last night... it made them want to be that bit closer to us I guess.  Not that we were complaining of course!

Norwich on Friday night had an electric atmosphere.  I would describe the crowd as HARDCORE TT fans... & Thatters never disappoint. Screaming at the top of their lungs to our songs & dancing like mad in the routines, it was a dream audience, a pleasure to entertain that night.

Don't forget guys & girls that you can now follow us on Twitter at -

Please check out the comments page to see what the crowd thought about the fantastic night we all had in Norwich & if you were there, or you've seen us before... please feel free to add your thoughts on the show.

So for now...

Big wave!

Lee. (aka Gary)

A Week Of Awards & Fundraising

Posted on November 16, 2009 at 7:25 AM

Hi everyone,

Once again 'The Greatest' Take That Tribute visited Newcastle & Essex this week & had yet another amazing night at both venues!

The singers in the audience were in serious force in Essex last night, with some true hardcore TT fans screaming 'Shine' & 'Rule The World' at the top of their lungs. It's so true... Essex girls sure do know how to have a good time.

The comments we had from both crowds at the Awards Ceremony in Newcastle and the Fundraising Event in Essex were incredible.

We are so, so happy that every audience we have performed for so far have felt like they have had a true TT experience & that we have taken them back to when they were in front of the real thing either first time around or just recently at The Circus stadium tours.

We pride ourselves on making you feel like you've seen the next best thing, and from the comments everyone seems to be leaving on our guestbook... it looks like we are doing something right!

Thanks again, we'll definitely keep it up.

After all... Take That fans deserve a REAL TT tribute experience. I know that's what I would want!

Lee. (aka Gary) x

Ipswich & Brighton Get The TGTT Treatment

Posted on November 2, 2009 at 6:40 AM

'The Greatest Take That Tribute Band' stamped a big TT symbol on the towns of Ipswich & Bristol this weekend.

Friday night we performed at Trinity Park, Ipswich in conjunction with local radio station Town 102FM & what a great night we all had (see the Photo Gallery page).  The staff & crew were very helpful & a crowd of screaming women from the front of the stage all the way to the back of the venue always puts a smile on our face!  Although, I'm sure we weren't the only ones to have a massive grin on our faces after our Jason showed off his six pack to the audience while Mark sang the chorus to 'Mysterious Girl'... Good times for the girls me thinks! 

Saturday night we performed in Bristol with an almost theatre like experience for us. There was a feeling of great respect coming from the audience as they all sat there singing along in their seats.  But as soon as 'Relight My Fire' came on, they couldn't resist their dancing shoes anymore, the dance floor was calling them & the room was soon filled with dancers up & down the isles!

Anyway, before I go I'd just like to say a big thank you to all the staff & crew at both venues this weekend including Audrey from the kitchen in Bristol... she made a cracking cup of coffee, & Lucky The Cat... what a lucky cat you were.

Till' next time...

Lee (aka Gary) x

ITV's Loose Women 10th Anniversary Party

Posted on October 10, 2009 at 8:51 AM

The Cafe De Paris + 500 Celebs + 'The Greatest' Take That Tribute = AN UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT!


We have just got back from the most amazing celeb bash 'The Greatest' have performed at so far.

Following Andrea McLeans wedding a few weeks ago, she & a number of Loose Women invited us to be guests & perform at the 10 year anniversary party of Loose Women at The Cafe De Paris in London. It was an absolute honour & we are still on a high from such a fantastic night.


All the Loose Women looked amazing in their high heels, glitzy dresses & pumped up hair styles & the atmosphere was electric! Especially when 'The Greatest' took to the stage... the room filled with singers & dancers.


'Back For Good' was definately a highlight of the night, with the current line up from Loose Women singing along with us on stage in front of all the guests. It was a very memorable moment for us.


As you can see by the images in our photo gallery, we came across many other celebs through out the night & can I just say that Peter Andre was one of the nicest guys we have ever met. I can officially announce that 'The Greatest Take That Tribute' are now backing 'Team Andre', haha!!


Anyway, the night ended perfectly for us with some amazing comments coming from everyone we bumped into and we're extremely happy with the fact that the majority of the audience felt that we gave them a TRUE Take That experience.


We feel that our show just seems to be getting stronger & stronger, the audiences getting louder & louder & the moments becoming more & more memorable... but last night has definately got to be... THE GREATEST NIGHT OF OUR LIVES!! 


Lee (aka Gary) x


Vertigo for the NHS in Manchester

Posted on September 29, 2009 at 7:21 AM

Wow, what a weekend!!


Friday night 'The Greatest' performed at the Novotel Hotel in Southampton where I think we had the most photos taken ever! Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves because we find it hard to believe this is all happening to little old us, but the comments given to us after the show by the audience were just fantastic so thank you to everyone we spoke to.


Saturday night we were pleased to perform at an NHS event at The Manchester Central Convention Centre where we performed on our tallest stage yet!  It was built to elevate members during the show & I've got to say, it was an incredible feeling.  I have never experienced that before, the fact that I could see every person of the 1500 strong crowd singing 'Back For Good' & 'Rule The World' was just incredible. I felt absolutely fine up there, but Danny (aka Mark) started to feel a tiny bit of vertigo in 'Shine' so he decided to come down a little earlier... bless him!!


Well, the next stop for 'The Greatest' Take That Tribute will be London where we will be performing at a very high profile event with plenty of celebs & maybe some clown outfits!!!! Keep an eye out for the next blog for some more details.


Till' then...




Lee (aka Gary)

Back To Roots In Nottingham

Posted on September 21, 2009 at 5:45 AM

'The Greatest' Take That Tribute went right back to it's roots this weekend.


On the 20th of May 2009 'The Greatest' made history by performing our first ever show at The Westgate Suite in Long Eaton, Nottingham, and last night we performed there for a second time almost four months on. We were overwhelmed at how many people that were there on the launch night of the show were there again, plus a whole new bunch of ' The Greatest' & Take That fans, so to all the people that came to support us on both nights... we can't thank you enough.


This time around there were less nerves, but much more excitement. Apart from Simon Cowell (yes, that's his REAL name!) our sound & light technician, who was extremely nervous about controlling the technical side of things, but then if you've seen the set & the lighting etc, you'd be nervous too!!


All in all, it was an absolutely brilliant night that we are all going to be talking about for a long time to come.


Thank you to the crowd, thank you to Simon & thank you to the boys.


Long live 'THE GREATEST'


Lee. (aka Gary) x

Cumbria Girl Guides 100th Anniversary

Posted on September 7, 2009 at 10:01 AM

Hi everyone,


Well, I'm writing this blog to you on a gloomy Sunday afternoon, drinking a hot Latte watching 'The Witches' on the telly. Can't believe this film used to scare me as a kid! (Only joking... it still does!!)


Yesterday was pretty amazing! We were lucky enough to celebrate 100 years of The Girl Guides in Cumbria by performing on a big stage in front of 2000 screaming past, present & future Girl Guides.

To be honest, I don't think I've ever seen as many hands in the air for Never Forget as there was yesterday, so thanks girls!!


I've got to say, if there was a 'Female Attention Award' given out at the end of every gig, our Jason would have won it yesterday!! He was very pleased by the amount of girls calling him 'A Fittie' in the signing session we had after. Not everyone lost out to him tho, Matt, (aka Howard) Danny, (aka Mark) & I had to be pretty much pulled away from the barriers at the end of the day, as there were so many people that wanted signatures, & pics. So we are sorry if we didn't get round to you, as we all had to get back to the car & travel home to Nottingham. It wasn't a long drive, but it does tend to drag out when you've got Danny (aka Mark) singing at the top of his voice when you're trying to listen to your music on your iPod on the way home!! Thanks Marky!!


Before I go, as you can see there is a new addition to The Photo Gallery on 'The Greatest' Take That Tribute website that I've created just for you! It's called - FAN PHOTOS, & you can now upload any pics you took of us either performing, backstage or after the show & place them into the FAN PHOTOS gallery.

We would love to see what you saw & it's also great to share them with other fans along the way on our tour.


Until next week...


See you soon.


Lee. (aka Gary) x

What Great Audiences

Posted on September 2, 2009 at 9:23 AM

My, what great audiences we have... all the better to perform in front of boys!


That's what we are all saying to each other at the end of every show at the moment.

We've been so lucky to get some of the nicest crowds... small, big or huge, & are just blown away with all the comments you're leaving us on our guestbook.

We have all been on stage for many years performing with live bands, tribute bands, as soloist's & even with Billy Bear & Rory the Tiger (those were the days!!) but we all feel so lucky that after all this time as performers, we still have the appreciation you give us after every show.


So a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who has seen 'The Greatest' Take That Tribute over the last few months for giving us such a great response, making us feel so comfortable on stage & for raising those hands so high in Never Forget, & to all the people coming to see us in the future... we don't claim to be the real Take That, but with Take That's original dance routines, up to date costumes, a very experienced sound & light technician & with Danny (aka Mark) & me replicating the sight & sound of Gary Barlow & Mark Owen, we will make sure you all get the closest show there is to the real thing & a TRUE TAKE THAT EXPERIENCE.


We promise.


See you all soon.


Lee. (aka Gary) x

ITV Presenter Andrea McLean's Wedding

Posted on August 25, 2009 at 7:13 AM

Wow, what an amazing weekend!


Friday morning 'The Greatest' flew to Inverness where we performed at a wedding reception in a castle on the banks of Loch Ness no less. This was a surprise show for the bride who is a massive Take That fan, & I've got to say, when I came out singing Greatest Day, her face was a treat, a mixture of shock & excitement... priceless!!

We then went back to the hotel (After having a few drinks of course!!) & had about 4 hours sleep as we were back on the plane again in the morning for the next gig Saturday night in Surrey.


As you can see by the images in the photo gallery, Saturday night was a special event for us as we performed for former GMTV weather girl & ITV Loose Women presenter Andrea McLean & her husband Steve for their weddings evening reception.

Now, I know that a wedding dress makes any lady look beautiful, but Andrea was definitely the most stunning bride I have ever seen. The other ladies from Loose Women also kept to their personalities on the show by looking very pretty & classy.

The night ended with Matt (aka Howard) and I having a really nice chat with Andrea at the bar over a couple of drinks. The comments she gave us like... "The best tribute show I had ever seen", "Can't believe how much you sound like Gary Barlow" & "You all gave mine & Steve's wedding day the perfect ending" were fantastic.


So if you are reading this Andrea, thank you for treating us so nicely, letting us perform for your guests, you & Steve (& your gorgeous daughter Amy!) and we hope to see you again one day.


Lee (aka Gary) xxx


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