Not To Be Mistaken - The Greatest Take That Tribute Band

Posted on December 3, 2011 at 9:15 AM

It's not pretty and it's not clever, but as long as people aren't conned into mistakenly believing they're booking or attending a show of the real 'THE GREATEST' then it's not a it???

Okay you search the internet for a tribute group you've been recommended by a friend who saw them at a major event.  What were they called again....'the best', 'the no.1', yes that was it 'The Greatest'. If you're lucky the right and official website comes up first time, top of the google list, result! If not, you could be led down the garden path of a multitude of TT so called tributes who are trying to jump on the success and reputation of the UK's No.1 tribute band!

Tribute-ing an original band is one thing, but tribute to a tribute of an original band is rather a compliment, or so you may think!  There are now tribute bands to Take That who are doing just this by describing themselves as 'The Greatest' tribute to Take That, and using this term in their advertising!  It's interesting when one group can be so successful and build up such a reputation & following that other tribute bands feel the need to attempt to ambush their name.  Is work really that hard to come by? Is a lack of ability the reason they clamour to use someone elses reputation?

The Greatest go out of their way in ensuring that clients are fully aware they are a tribute band and are in no way associated with the real Take That.  They are not lookalikes but pride themselves on their renowned soundalike qualities, and ability to re-create the stage presence, persona's and magic of Take That at their recent arena tours! It is this that has them re-booked for major corporate events & outdoor festivals throughout the UK and has made them the number one band of choice for event organisers!

Slick...yes!  Professional...yes!  A cheesy tribute band...most definitely not!  Which is why when the cheese thinks they can jump on the band wagon it becomes a little infuriating!

There is only one Take That tribute band called THE GREATEST, and make no mistake about it, they are called this for a reason! So the next time you're surfing the net....please don't be mistaken!!

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