A Night With The Greatest - Independent Review

Posted on March 7, 2012 at 7:40 AM

Here's an independent review of the show performed by The Greatest on 2nd March 2012, reported by Kim Dorset for Whats About Town.  To see the full review with images on the Whats About Town website click here.

Mass hysteria has left Essex… (for now)

Friday night, well, what can I say! I haven’t seen that many over excited ladies in Essex since Mark Wright came back from the jungle.

The Greatest were absolutely fantastic! I can honestly say they are one of the best live acts I have ever seen. As polished and talented as any successful band I have seen live, and I am a hard person to please as you all know!

I loved the way they gel as a band and have taken on their own characteristics, as well as the personalities of the member of Take That they are impersonating.

After the first song you begin to forget you are at a tribute night and actually believe that OH MY GOD ROBBIE WILLIAMS IS IN FRONT OF ME!!!!

After two or three songs, you are gone, and that IS actually MARK-FREEKIN-OWEN SINGING BABE TO US. IT IS!

What I found brilliant and slightly hilarious, was the women in the audience all have their own favourite member of The Greatest, just like they would if they were at the o2 watching TT themselves!

I can’t reveal my own personal favourite, mainly because they will read this and I will see them face to face again, I’ll save that embarrassment. I *will* say that each member was pretty damn popular with the females though!

…For example, my friend’s had popped outside for some fresh air just before ‘Robbie’ Matt Holbrook appeared. I sent one a txt as he appeared on stage and I have never witnessed them move so fast to be back in the room. I almost had to peel them off the floor after Angels.

Mark, Howard and Gary, all had a lady hanging from their leg at one time or another and also wooed us with their singing and Take That style air grabs – has to be done.

Now, there is one more guy in the band, obviously, but I am worried to mention his name here, for fear of the website going into meltdown as you girls throw yourselves at him. (Not me you understand *ahem* us here at WAT wouldn’t do anything like that… What?).

Matt Duff ‘Duffy’, *holds you all back* is the ‘Jason’ of the band and is a strong favourite of a lot of the girls, as is the real Jason Orange. He is especially popular with a friend of mine who will remain nameless. He *is* a gorgeous guy, but clearly a fantastic dancer and singer too, so get to the back of the queue!

 From start to the finish all 5 guys work so hard and put their everything into the whole show.

Amazing vocals, dance routines, personalities- I cannot recommend them enough!

From meeting the fellas after the show, we could tell they were all lovely. Not at all big headed, which is quite something, as after the reactions they get from fans, they would have every right to have egos the size of Gary Barlow’s bank balance.

Matt ‘Robbie’ first put the guys together a good few years ago, after getting the right mixture of members, they formed The Greatest, things have gone from strength to strength and they are now booked almost throughout the whole year, all over the world!

All credit to the guys, they don’t just stick to the old favourites (even though we *may* have screamed just a little when they broke in Million Love Songs, but that is beside the point!).

The Greatest perform a mixture of TT’s singles and album tracks from all of the albums. Their version of SOS, was borderline better than TT’s!

I certainly had an amazing night and an extra thank you to Michelle Bradley for organising the night!

Us here at WAT intend to support the band on a regular basis now, so look out for gig updates and more.

If you want to see the band perform, or just throw yourself at your very own Mark Owen or Gary Barlow look out for their gig guide at

You can also join the member’s area, check out their latest news or drool over Duffy’s pictures on the site.

I am going to be booking a night with the band for you guys to all attend and to support Hornchurch Animal Rescue later in the year!

So keep your eyes peeled girls, and get ready with your Take That dance moves.

“Neverrrr forget where you’re coming from…”

 by Kim Dorset for Whats About Town

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