The Greatest Night Of Our Lives - Worthing 25th July'09

Posted on July 27, 2009 at 6:29 AM

Hi everyone,


Well, it's official... 'The Greatest' Take That Tribute has had the greatest night of their lives!!!


It's now Monday & we are all still coming down from the high the Worthing crowd gave to us on Saturday night. The Splash FM festival was our biggest audience to date & I know I speak on behalf of all the other boys when I say, it was a very special night for us & that we can't thank you enough if you were one of the many people singing 'Shine', 'Rule The World' & 'Back For Good' at the top of your lungs.

As you can see from our photos in the gallery, it was an amazing view from the stage & I've got to say, I almost gave in to tears by the end of singing 'Said It All' as I've never seen anything so beautiful in all my life, so thank you all for that.


The night ended perfectly with an amazing response from the crew, other tribute acts & Matt (aka Howard) leaving his very over priced sandwich on the roof of the car, only to realize about 5 minutes away from the services!!! Priceless reaction!!


Anyway guys, I've got to go, so I'll write to you all again next week.


Take care


Lee. (aka Gary) x

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