Cumbria Girl Guides 100th Anniversary

Posted on September 7, 2009 at 10:01 AM

Hi everyone,


Well, I'm writing this blog to you on a gloomy Sunday afternoon, drinking a hot Latte watching 'The Witches' on the telly. Can't believe this film used to scare me as a kid! (Only joking... it still does!!)


Yesterday was pretty amazing! We were lucky enough to celebrate 100 years of The Girl Guides in Cumbria by performing on a big stage in front of 2000 screaming past, present & future Girl Guides.

To be honest, I don't think I've ever seen as many hands in the air for Never Forget as there was yesterday, so thanks girls!!


I've got to say, if there was a 'Female Attention Award' given out at the end of every gig, our Jason would have won it yesterday!! He was very pleased by the amount of girls calling him 'A Fittie' in the signing session we had after. Not everyone lost out to him tho, Matt, (aka Howard) Danny, (aka Mark) & I had to be pretty much pulled away from the barriers at the end of the day, as there were so many people that wanted signatures, & pics. So we are sorry if we didn't get round to you, as we all had to get back to the car & travel home to Nottingham. It wasn't a long drive, but it does tend to drag out when you've got Danny (aka Mark) singing at the top of his voice when you're trying to listen to your music on your iPod on the way home!! Thanks Marky!!


Before I go, as you can see there is a new addition to The Photo Gallery on 'The Greatest' Take That Tribute website that I've created just for you! It's called - FAN PHOTOS, & you can now upload any pics you took of us either performing, backstage or after the show & place them into the FAN PHOTOS gallery.

We would love to see what you saw & it's also great to share them with other fans along the way on our tour.


Until next week...


See you soon.


Lee. (aka Gary) x

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