Vertigo for the NHS in Manchester

Posted on September 29, 2009 at 7:21 AM

Wow, what a weekend!!


Friday night 'The Greatest' performed at the Novotel Hotel in Southampton where I think we had the most photos taken ever! Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves because we find it hard to believe this is all happening to little old us, but the comments given to us after the show by the audience were just fantastic so thank you to everyone we spoke to.


Saturday night we were pleased to perform at an NHS event at The Manchester Central Convention Centre where we performed on our tallest stage yet!  It was built to elevate members during the show & I've got to say, it was an incredible feeling.  I have never experienced that before, the fact that I could see every person of the 1500 strong crowd singing 'Back For Good' & 'Rule The World' was just incredible. I felt absolutely fine up there, but Danny (aka Mark) started to feel a tiny bit of vertigo in 'Shine' so he decided to come down a little earlier... bless him!!


Well, the next stop for 'The Greatest' Take That Tribute will be London where we will be performing at a very high profile event with plenty of celebs & maybe some clown outfits!!!! Keep an eye out for the next blog for some more details.


Till' then...




Lee (aka Gary)

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