ITV's Loose Women 10th Anniversary Party

Posted on October 10, 2009 at 8:51 AM

The Cafe De Paris + 500 Celebs + 'The Greatest' Take That Tribute = AN UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT!


We have just got back from the most amazing celeb bash 'The Greatest' have performed at so far.

Following Andrea McLeans wedding a few weeks ago, she & a number of Loose Women invited us to be guests & perform at the 10 year anniversary party of Loose Women at The Cafe De Paris in London. It was an absolute honour & we are still on a high from such a fantastic night.


All the Loose Women looked amazing in their high heels, glitzy dresses & pumped up hair styles & the atmosphere was electric! Especially when 'The Greatest' took to the stage... the room filled with singers & dancers.


'Back For Good' was definately a highlight of the night, with the current line up from Loose Women singing along with us on stage in front of all the guests. It was a very memorable moment for us.


As you can see by the images in our photo gallery, we came across many other celebs through out the night & can I just say that Peter Andre was one of the nicest guys we have ever met. I can officially announce that 'The Greatest Take That Tribute' are now backing 'Team Andre', haha!!


Anyway, the night ended perfectly for us with some amazing comments coming from everyone we bumped into and we're extremely happy with the fact that the majority of the audience felt that we gave them a TRUE Take That experience.


We feel that our show just seems to be getting stronger & stronger, the audiences getting louder & louder & the moments becoming more & more memorable... but last night has definately got to be... THE GREATEST NIGHT OF OUR LIVES!! 


Lee (aka Gary) x


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