What a year so far!

Posted on September 23, 2010 at 6:50 AM


Wow, what a crazy ride we've been on this year so far!!

We've performed in-front of our largest crowd to date, which was 8000 strong at Worthing Festival, supported 'Scouting For Girls' for The National Lottery, performed at Awards Ceremonies & had a few obstacles to jump over along the way... members feeling really ill before, during & after a show, our Jason forgetting his black socks (LOL!!), & me losing my voice!! Not good, but hey... we came through strong & still had our most successful year so far.

Once again, we've met some really nice people along the way & we just keep getting the most amazing receptions at each & every show, so once again thank you!!

Of course, the big news this year has been Robbie re-joining TT!! A lot of people are asking us what our plans are, so here it is... we ARE looking to recruite a Robbie next year to join 'The Greatest'. But as we pride ourselves on replicating the actual Take That, we are going to wait & see how they perform as a five piece & see how they perform the songs we all know & love, plus some new ones from the new album due for release in November. Our shows currently booked for 2011 as the 4 piece will be given the option to add Robbie (subject to availability) for an additional fee. As a result we're all very excited to be getting back into that rehearsal studio & re-arranging our show with an added element of Williams!!

We are also still going to be available as a four piece through-out next year because as we all know, not everyone is overly excited about Robbie re-joining, so for those that like the original comeback kings as a four piece... Mark, Jason, Howard & Gary can still be yours for a night!!!

Can you believe 'The Greatest' have been together now for over a year & a half!!?? Crazy, but I can't tell you how much fun we've had along the way. Some shows we've performed have even made an imprint on our memories too, making them impossible to forget, so a massive THANK YOU to all those people that are making these memories possible for us.

Got to go now, don't forget you can now follow us on Twitter at - Add & Like us on our Official Facebook page or become a member on our members section on our official website at

Till next time...

The Greatest Take That Tribute

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