TAKE THAT's Artistic Director Kim Gavin Compliments The Greatest Take That Tribute Band

Posted on July 2, 2013 at 11:10 AM

"Amazing, amazing!" were just some of the words from Take That's very own Artistic Director - Kim Gavin to describe the performance of The Greatest Take That Tribute Band at one of their recent live shows!

It has long been known in the entertainment industry who tops the field in the world of tribute bands, but it is nice when acknowledgement of a groups ability comes from the very top! 
Kim Gavin has been the creative vision behind some of the most innovative & inspirational performances in the world of music and live events over the last 20 years.  So it's an accolade beyond belief for the man behind the Progress Tour, The Circus Tour, and the 2012 Olympics & Paralympics Closing Ceremony to describe The Greatest Take That Tribute amongst other things as "Amazing, amazing"! 
And this wasn't a flippant comment, or a one word misconstrued twitter tweet, or a band member who couldn't remember which tribute act he'd seen!  This was one of the UK's most prestigious Creative Directors & Choreographers & Take That's very own Artistic Director, present in the audience from start to finish.  Watching The Greatest Take That Tribute show and taking it upon himself to walk on stage at the end of their performance to request a microphone, before delivering an impromptu and humbling array of compliments as he addressed the audience for the sole purpose of telling them and the The Greatest exactly what he thought to them! 
"What a fantastic show!  I work with the boys (the real Take That) and I'm telling you this because it's blatantly obvious to me how hard these guys have worked and studied them..........amazing, amazing!"  When asked can we quote you on that Kim, the answer was an assertive "yes you can'"!
And he didn't stop there Kim also spoke to the members of The Greatest afterwards and had the following to say to The Greatest's Mark "I can't believe how much you sounded like him"!  And to The Greatest's Gary "Gary would be astounded by the way you mimic him, you've done some serious studying haven't you"!  And to The Greatest's Robbie "That was a very acurate immitation, well done!"
Matthew Holbrook from The Greatest who plays Robbie Williams said "It really was quite  incredible"!. "We knew Kim was in the audience before we went on, but for him to get on stage and say what he did was a complete surprise to all of us, what a compliment"!
The show which took place on a summers night in June 2013, was an exclusive open air private party held near Hampton Court, Surrey for a small select number of guests.  All of whom enthusiastically participated in the 90's fancy dress theme, and with the emulated Take That dance routines which were so good Kim made a tongue in cheek joke how he should be asking for commission for seeing all of his choreography completely reproduced! 
Well that's why they're called The Greatest Take That Tribute! 
Thanks again Kim! 

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