Ipswich & Brighton Get The TGTT Treatment

Posted on November 2, 2009 at 6:40 AM

'The Greatest Take That Tribute Band' stamped a big TT symbol on the towns of Ipswich & Bristol this weekend.

Friday night we performed at Trinity Park, Ipswich in conjunction with local radio station Town 102FM & what a great night we all had (see the Photo Gallery page).  The staff & crew were very helpful & a crowd of screaming women from the front of the stage all the way to the back of the venue always puts a smile on our face!  Although, I'm sure we weren't the only ones to have a massive grin on our faces after our Jason showed off his six pack to the audience while Mark sang the chorus to 'Mysterious Girl'... Good times for the girls me thinks! 

Saturday night we performed in Bristol with an almost theatre like experience for us. There was a feeling of great respect coming from the audience as they all sat there singing along in their seats.  But as soon as 'Relight My Fire' came on, they couldn't resist their dancing shoes anymore, the dance floor was calling them & the room was soon filled with dancers up & down the isles!

Anyway, before I go I'd just like to say a big thank you to all the staff & crew at both venues this weekend including Audrey from the kitchen in Bristol... she made a cracking cup of coffee, & Lucky The Cat... what a lucky cat you were.

Till' next time...

Lee (aka Gary) x

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